Grand(m)others Act To Save The Planet (GASP) is a grassroots, non-partisan group of grandmothers and grand 'others' who care deeply about the world our descendants will inherit.

our goal

Can You Imagine?

  • A Canadian Climate Action Plan led by a multi-party, multi-gov’t level mobilization effort?
  • A Canada where scientists, youth, seniors, unions, faith groups, indigenous leaders, business community, & politicians work to address the impacts of climate change?
  • A Canada ending dependence on fossil fuels and having 100% renewable energy?
  • A Canada in which every person has clean air, clean water, healthy food, and a safe environment?
  • A Canada of low-carbon, climate-resilient rural and urban communities?
"The GASP VISION is to create a green legacy for our grandchildren and their grandchildren."

We have an Emergency!

The Climate Crisis

Despite 30 years of warnings from scientists, it is our grandchildren, who have finally forced us to act on the climate crisis. Greta Thunberg, student activist, challenges our generation to "Act like your house (the earth) is on fire because it is!"


Global heating will jeopardize the essentials of life — air, food, water, & housing. It will disproportionately impact the poor and marginalized. GASP cares about climate justice for everyone, from the Inuit in the north to poorly-housed seniors in urban areas.

Our Efforts

GASP members make personal commitments and take political action to ensure the climate crisis is front and center on everyone's Action Plan! We join with young people and our grandchildren to amplify their voices in the fight for their lives.

Stay Connected

Joint Actions with Grandkids and Students

GASP will continue to join Fridays for Future student strikers. Although the Oakville Climate Shoe Strike on Friday, September 25 has been cancelled, we will be joining other Shoe Strikes in the region, including Burlington and Milton.